Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Once Upon a TeaPup

Once Upon a TeaPup offers luxurious, pampered teacup puppies in more than six different breeds. With large eyes, miniature square bodies, and a playful demeanor, these puppies come to customers happy and healthy. To ensure long-lasting health for each puppy, Once Upon a TeaPup dogs arrive fully vaccinated and de-wormed. Whenever a customer buys a puppy, he or she will receive a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian who checks each dog prior to its arrival at its new home. Once Upon a TeaPup provides a one-year health guarantee for each puppy. This health guarantee agreement includes a benefit illness payout of up to $1,000. Also included with each purchase, the Puppy Packet provides information on how to care for tiny, energetic teacup dogs, including their eating habits and training advice.

Many satisfied Once Upon a TeaPup customers throughout the United States can attest to the delight their new puppies bring into their homes; a number of customers expressed appreciation for Once Upon a TeaPup’s customer service policies. While each available puppy appears in the online listing with extensive information, customers can send questions via the contact form on Once Upon a TeaPup’s website or can call (916) 370-7147. As a way to ensure that all puppies are matched with the right homes, customers can use the online contact form to join the waiting list for a certain breed or color.

For each puppy that Once Upon a TeaPup sells, $100 goes directly to Victory Junction, a nonprofit organization raises money and supplies to send children with serious health conditions to camp for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ginger Turk cares for Once Upon a TeaPup puppies at her home in Folsom, California.

Once Upon a TeaPup

Once Upon a TeaPup’s teacup dogs come to owners happy, spoiled, and ready to play. To reassure potential buyers of its high-quality puppies, Once Upon A TeaPup displays photos and reviews from dozens of satisfied customers. A full-grown dog's weight will range from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds;www.OnceUponATeaPup.com lists the date of birth, price, name, breed, weight, as well as the physical and personality traits of each available puppy. Additionally, the Once Upon a TeaPup website provides various unaltered photographs of each puppy from different angles as well as videos.

As Jung Puppy Club’s primary seller to the United States and Canada, Once Upon a TeaPup welcomed Jung in 2011 to observe where Once Upon a TeaPup founder Ginger Turk raises the puppies in her home. Jung also accompanied Ms. Turk and a teacup puppy to their regular veterinarian’s office. In the time that puppies stay at Ginger Turk’s home, she cares for them in a nursery room rather than cages; she also socializes them well to people and other dogs.

Having designed dog clothing and accessories for her Yorkie since childhood, Ginger Turk knows the delight that many take in pampering their puppy with luxury toys, beds, and accessories. Once Upon a TeaPup’s online puppy boutique features a number of luxury gifts and clothing for teacup puppies, both young and full-grown. Once Upon a TeaPup makes casual wear and luxury dresses at the Tiny Puppy Boutique specifically sized for teacup dogs. The Once Upon A TeaPup boutique also offers gift baskets and personalized presents for these unique puppies.

Once Upon a TeaPup

Once Upon a TeaPup makes choosing, receiving, and caring for a gorgeous teacup puppy an easy process. Ginger Turk, the owner of Once Upon a TeaPup, raises each new puppy in the loving environment of her home until new owners purchase and care for these dogs.

Only selling its happy puppies to pet owners who intend to care for the dog forever, Once Upon a TeaPup does not sell to dog breeders. Once a prospective owner chooses a puppy online, he or she can pay by bank wire or by using a credit card through PayPal. Once Upon a TeaPup works as a partner for Jung Puppy Club’s United States and Canada sales and can ship anywhere in the world on request.

To make sure you receive a healthy new dog, Once Upon a TeaPup makes sure a licensed veterinarian checks each puppy carefully before beginning the shipping process. Working as closely as possible around each buyer’s schedule and location, Once Upon a TeaPup ships its puppies to the airport closest to the new owner for an additional fee. A nanny service may also be employed on board the plane to ensure a comfortable puppy on arrival, and the fees may be discussed with a member of the staff. Once receiving the dog, owners will receive a Puppy Packet via email, which includes records of immunization and information about how to care for each puppy. Each new owner will also receive a complimentary gift basket of items for the new dog.

Once Upon a TeaPup specializes in the tiniest, healthiest possible puppies, offering breeds including Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. In addition to caring for each adorable teacup puppy, Once Upon a TeaPup donates $100 from each puppy sale to Victory Junction, which helps chronically ill children attend camp.

Once Upon a TeaPup

Founded by dog lover and puppy fashion designer Ginger Turk, Once Upon a TeaPup offers many playful teacup pomeranian, Maltese, chihuahua, poodle, pug, and Yorkie puppies. Jung Puppy Club, a Korean puppy company, entrusts Once Upon a TeaPup with sales within the U.S. and Canada. Once Upon a TeaPup guarantees each puppy’s health for one year and provides a list of puppy care tips for each owner to follow after receiving their new friend.

All Once Upon a TeaPup puppies come to their new families with a head start in puppy pad training. Additionally, this company makes sure to pamper the dogs, so each one is playful and well accustomed to spending time with people. Ginger Turk offers photographs of her home as well as the puppy room at www.onceuponateapup.com. One of Once Upon a TeaPup’s adorable tiny puppies, Pierre, a Maltese teacup dog, will weigh up to two and a half pounds at the most. Although these puppies look delicate, with big eyes and tiny bodies, Once Upon a TeaPup guarantees that they are healthy and durable. This company works to help each customer find the best puppy for their family, and it offers online help at their website’s Contact Us page or by phone at (916) 370-7147.

In addition to its work selling teacup puppies, Once Upon a TeaPup offers a number of products and outfits for dogs on its online Tiny Puppy Boutique. Ginger Turk began working with dogs as a profession after designing outfits for her own Yorkie and soon for pets of her friends and family. With strollers, beds, play yards, clothing, and much more, the Tiny Puppy Boutique makes it possible for owners to indulge their Once Upon a TeaPup puppies in luxury dog items.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPup

Pierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPupPierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPupPierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPupPierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPupPierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPupPierre "Creme de la Creme" Maltese, Once Upon A TeaPup

Look at this FABULOUS extreme tiny male .He is definitely the WOW Factor!!! He is going to be in the 1.5 to 2 pounds full grown, his current weight is 13 ounces at 5 months. Pierre is a very healthy happy micro baby. This baby boy is truly amazing with a beautiful baby doll face, very short compact body, thick coat, no staining and large eyes that will melt your heart. He is perfectly square 5 inches. His personality is playful but loving. He is the perfect size to take everywhere with you. He will come to you pre spoiled, with a 1 year health guarantee and current on his puppy shots.
Call us at 1-916-370-7147 to make Pierre yours.

Thank you, Ginger
Your dream puppy is waiting for you!